Custom caricature portraits

Choose between color, black & white portraits or go with fully customized body and background. Combine different items in one checkout and we will compose the drawings based on your ideas.

Customize portrait for pets. You combine this with other items to make it a family portrait. Great for dog/cat lovers!

Custom Pet Portrait


100% fully customized with bodies and gesture. Add a custom background to showcase even more personalities!

Customized Caricature

Artboard 4 Copy.jpg

Custom caricature portraits for single and multiple people. A simple geometry background is included.

Portrait in Color

Artboard 4 Copy 5.jpg

Last minuet rushed service. Perfect if you want to give your friends and family a special gift but running out of time. 2 day turn around.

Last Min Caricature Gift

Artboard 4 Copy 4.jpg

Caricature in linework really showcases one's feature. Great for printing on t-shirts, notebooks for the elegant look.

Portrait in Linework

Serene_for web.jpg

Fully customized background based on your ideas. We do not use template so this is 100% original. Not sold independently.

Custom Background

caricature ideas for special occasions

There are endless configurations that can be composed in a group caricature drawing. 

Just let us know about your occasion and ideas. 


Team Building



How to customize  your Group caricature

Full-body & Shoulder-up

Choose # of people for fully customized caricature and color portrait.


People & Pets

Add the number of people and pets you want to cart.



Add a custom background to complete the drawing composition.

Add a Note

at Checkout

Tell us how you'd like we position the people and ideas for the background and elements.

What happens after you place the order?

background elements

Learn about your stories

We first learn about the important events, fun stories of the people in the drawing. That allows us to set up the gestures and elements in the background.

a 10 second selfie video

Get a feel about your personalities

Don't be shy, record a 10 sec selfie video of telling us a fun recent story and have a good laugh while doing it. Just treat it as chatting with an old friend. 

Send us


Study the expressions

Send us a couple most recent photos, like camping, hiking, biking, at dinner dates etc. Pictures should be clearly showing your faces though.

not YET?

Drop us a line about your ideas and we will chat!

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