Custom Scene (Background & Elements)

Custom Scene (Background & Elements)

A custom scene is more than a simple background, it creates a storyline and mood for the drawing. We design the scene that incoporates elements into foreground and background. Just tell us you ideas and we will carry out the design work!



  • This is 100% custom design, you will not need to choose a ready-made background template
  • This item must be purchased with color portrait or fully customized caricature


    Custom Drawing

    What should I send you after I placed my order?

    Send us your reference videos and photos to, remember to put your order number in the subject line. For each person:

    • One 10-15 sec selfie video, talk about a fun thing and have a good laugh!
    • Five recently taken selfie photos (For pets too)
    What if I can't get any videos? Please send as many recent photos as possible.

    I get a timelapsed video for free, what is that?

    Timelapsed video is a screencast that showcases the process of drawing. For group drawings, I combine each persons clip with the final clip that shows everyone joining together into one drawing. You will receive all individual clips as well as the group video clip.

    What is the difference between the included background and fully customized scene?

    It is a combination of elements, background, foreground that we draw alongside with the people and pets to give the drawing a story. This is completely designed from scratch. You are not choosing from any templates. An included background in Black & White Portrait, Color Portrait is a simple splash of color and shapes that gives the drawing a bit more mood. It is great for popping the people in the center.

    When will I receive the caricatures?

    We draw one person at a time, so the more people in an order, the longer it will take to complete the order. Typically, a single person head and shoulder caricature takes 5 business days to complete after we confirm the reference photos are usable. Rush service is only applicable for 1 to 2 person head and shoulder drawings.

    • For a next-day rushed order, 100% rush fee is applied.
    • For a 3 day rushed order, 50% rush fee is applied.

    How will I receive the drawing?

    We will email you the drawing and videos.

    What about printing?

    Since all drawings are done digitally, I make sure that they are capable of printing in larger sizes, usually up to 11"x14". If you intend to print live size, please be sure to include that in your special instruction message.

    What about revision?

    We provide upto 3 free revision for each drawing. After which it is discussed case by case.

    I'd like a family portrait, how do I place the order?

    Let's say you are including your parents, sister, yourself, and your dog in the drawing. That is 4 people and 1 pet. This is a birthday gift for dad's 60th, so you want the drawing to be about him playing golf in the center and the family surrounding him with a background of the favor diner in his childhood. You would add these to cart:

    • 1 fully customized caricature - a full body drawing for dad playing golf
    • 3 simple portrait - shoulder & up drawing for mom, sister, and you
    • 1 pet caricature - for your dog
    • 1 custom scene - for the diner, birthday messages, and other customization

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