Caricature  Portrait  Live Drawing


a creative exaggerated portrait that brings  laughter to anyone you fancy.


the amazing live drawing done by Sharon at events virtual and offline.

Choose between color, black & white portraits or go with fully customized body and background. Custom caricature gifts are great ideas if you are tired of figuring out what to send for the next special occasion. Combine different items in one checkout and we will compose the drawings based on your ideas.

Live digital caricature is a performance itself for leaving a great impression at company events and boosting traffic at conferences and trade shows.

Sharon is
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A traveling caricature artist with San Francisco being my home base. I wish to bring the joy of caricature to places where it is lesser known. Here, I offer my work in digital formats for virtual events worldwide via Zoom, or custom caricature pieces no matter it is a simple birthday portrait or an exuberant masterpiece.